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  Tristar Hydrulic Tube Machine

Hydraulic Continuous Tube Pulling Machines
Tube Pulling Guns
Tube pulling guns
Hydraulic Tube Expanding Machines

Standard scope of supply includes 2 hoses of 1/2” 10 mts long each

Hydraulic expansion drive
Torque Controlled Electronic Tube Expanding System
Torque Controlled Electronic Tube Expanding System

Pneumatic Tube Rolling Drives
Most reliable and proven ergo design, work holding system suitable for every application of tube installation and tube removal.
Tool holding system operates on air pressure of 6 bar. This system is very portable and can be used to hold most of the tools and drives required for tube expansion, facing and tube removing operations.

Technical Specification :
Tube Testing Equipment (Pneumatic)

A very useful portable testing equipment for detecting punctured tubes in Heat Exchanger,
Condenser, Chillers etc.

The leak detector consists of two tube leak detecting guns which are inserted on each end of the tube to be checked for leaks. Once the trigger on the active tube testing gun is pulled, an air pressure is induced into the tube, causing the seals to expand on both the hand held guns. The pressure gauge will indicate and hold on the pressure, if there are no leaks.

A very versatile tool to cover tubes of sizes from ¾” to 1.1/4” OD by a simple change of a set of manifold and seals.
Tube Testing Equipment

A very useful joint testing equipments, to check tube expanded and welded joints between Tube and Tube sheet.

To operate the Joint Tester is inserted into the tube for seal to expand with a push of a button. Vacuum is created between two seals, one expanded into the Tube ID and other seal covering Tube OD. Tube joint leak, if any, is detected as the vacuum shown on the gauge starts dropping.

A very versatile tool to cover tubes of sizes from ¾” to 1. ¼” OD by a simple change of a set of manifold and seals.
Tube / Pipe Beveling Machines

Tube/Pipe Beveling Machines

Specially designed to suit the most critical applications with restricted access.
These Tools are very rigid, however compact and light weight to facilitate portability and ease of use.

A range of 5 models cover Tube size from 20mm to 306mm O.D. Face Tool head can be mounted either on Electric or Pneumatic Tool as per the requirement . Ideal for on-site pipe Facing, Bevelling and Weld preparation.

* Suitable for jobs in restricted access areas
* Useful in shutdown environments on Condensers and Heat Exchangers
* Used for maintenance and new Boiler manufacturing
* Designed to bevel, face and prepare weld edges for heavy wall thickness tubes

* Light weight and portable design
* Quick interchangeability of locking jaws to suit wide range of diameters
* Modular and ergonomic design to suit in toughest working conditions
* Suitable for wide range of tube id’s.
TFM - 2876
TFM - 2876
TFM - 39105
TFM - 39105
TFM - 2876
TFM - 2876
TFM - 99306
TFM - 99306
Tube Cleaning Equipments & Tools

For Boilers For Heat Exchanger / Condensers Accessories
For Boilers For Heat Exchanger / Condensers Accessories
Various types of Tube Expanders & Accessories
tube-end-facer-TF-series cutter
Telescopic Shafts
Tristar Impact Sockets & Accessories
Impact Sockets & Accessories
Impact Sockets 1/4” Square Drive | Impact Sockets 3/8” Square Drive | Impact Sockets 1/2” Square Drive | Impact Sockets 3/4” Square Drive
Impact Sockets 1” Square Drive | Impact Sockets 1.1/2” Square Drive | Impact Sockets 2.1/2” Square Drive | Impact Sockets 3.1/2” Square Drive
Automotive Sockets
Automotive Sockets 1/4” Square Drive | Automotive Sockets 3/8” Square Drive | Automotive Sockets 1/2” Square Drive | Automotive Sockets 3/4” Square Drive | Automotive Sockets 1” Square Drive | Automotive Sockets 1.1/2” Square Drive | Automotive Sockets 5” Splined Socket | Bud Wheels Impact Sockets | Bearing Nut Sockets | Lug Nuts Sockets
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